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Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is the newest form of cancer treatment. These are “designer drugs” that take advantage of the most unique properties found on some cancer cells. By specifically targeting something on the cancer cell that is not present on normal healthy cells, these drugs often provide the best chances for success with the least side effects. This is the area of cancer therapy that has changed the most over the past ten years. Currently, there are targeted therapies available for only a few types of cancer, but we expect many breakthroughs over the next several years.

Anti-angiogenesis therapy

Cancer drugs that block the ability of cancer cells to make blood vessels are among the most exciting drugs available to treat many forms of cancer. These drugs have been shown to dramatically increase survival in patients with some of the worst types of cancer. The doctors at Northwest Oncology & Hematology (NWOH) have expertise in prescribing these therapies, preventing side effects and treating side effects when they occur.


Did you know that your body’s own immune system can be used as a potent weapon in the fight against cancer? Monoclonal antibodies are the single most widely used type of immunotherapy. These drugs help our immune system to selectively kill cancer cells and may be used alone or with other forms of cancer treatment. Vaccine therapies that help stimulate our immune system are also being developed, and a vaccine treatment currently exists to treat advanced prostate cancer. The doctors at NWOH have expertise in all forms of immunotherapy and can answer questions about what forms of immunotherapy might be beneficial for you.

For more on cancer immunotherapy, contact Northwest Oncology & Hematology. You can reach us at 847.870.4100 (Rolling Meadows office), 847.437.3312 (Elk Grove Village office), 847.885.4100 (Hoffman Estates office), 847.842.0180 (Barrington office) and 847.577.1023 (Elgin office). For your convenience, you can also use our New Patient Appointment online form to schedule your consultation with us.

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