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Hormone therapy is another form of cancer therapy. Cancers may grow in response to hormones (chemicals) that our bodies naturally produce. For example, breast cancers that have estrogen receptors (ER positive) grow in response to estrogen, and drugs that decrease estrogen may help to prevent and treat these cancers.

Drugs that decrease the production and/or block the effects of testosterone are often the first drugs used to treat prostate cancer. The doctors at NWOH have expertise in prescribing these types of therapies and can work with you to limit and manage the side effects of treatment.

For more on hormone therapy, contact Northwest Oncology & Hematology. You can reach us at 847.870.4100 (Rolling Meadows office), 847.437.3312 (Elk Grove Village office), 847.885.4100 (Hoffman Estates office), 847.842.0180 (Barrington office) and 847.577.1023 (Elgin office). For your convenience, you can also use our New Patient Appointment online form to schedule your consultation with us.

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