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Many types of blood cancer

Leukemias, lymphomas and myelomas are among the most common blood cancer malignancies. But there are many others. This group includes cancers of the bone marrow, the blood itself and the lymphatic system, which includes lymph nodes, lymphatic vessels, lymphoid tissue of the digestive tract, tonsils, thymus gland and spleen. Leukemia and myeloma start in the bone marrow. Lymphoma starts in the lymphatic system. These are the two most common types of blood cancer.

Several immunotherapies are now used to treat these blood cell cancers, and many more are being studied. Blood cancer treatments have undergone substantial improvements in recent years, resulting in increased remission and survival rates. Remission means that there is no longer any sign of cancer in the patient. Today in the United States, almost 1 million people are alive with, or in remission from, blood cancer.

The specific cause of blood cancer is unknown. Yet, there are several factors associated with its development. Blood cancers are more common among older adults and some run in families. Some infections appear to increase the risk of some blood cancers, as does a weakened immune system. Other contributing factors include chemical and radiation exposures, family and personal history, genetic disorders and smoking.

Non-cancerous blood disorders

There are also many types of blood disorders that are not cancerous. These include, but are not limited to, anemia, elevated and decreased blood cells (white blood cells and platelets), blood clotting disorders (deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism), bleeding disorders and iron overload syndromes (specifically hemochromatosis).

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